Yamaha FZ150 To Launch Around Diwali

All the hype, all the fame and all the attention went to the Yamaha YZFR15, only because of its rumored 22bhp output. Now that its released, there are so many people ready to buy it. Yamaha is regaining its popularity. But not everyone noticed the other bike standing next to the YZFR15 in the Yamaha stall during the autoshow.

Now that it is time to have some FZ150 talk, lets talk! :). The FZ150 is the replica of the much bigger macho FZ1 1000cc bike, with a 150cc engine. A few shots have been taken by Bike India and members of Team-Bhp to show that Yamaha is almost ready to release the naked monster.

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Suzuki Lanza 150cc To Launch Soon!

Bajaj, TVS and HH are doing great business by getting out new bikes and upgrades from time to time, but the company that was going slow is Suzuki. After a long time meddling around the 125cc range, Suzuki finally came to the 150cc range. This might be a start to what can end profitably.
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