Great auto repair resource

Cars are a necessity of life which also frequently can be the bane of our existence.If they run properly, they are great.When they need service or quit unexpectedly, they can be nothing but frustration.This is usually compounded by the emotional toll taken in getting them serviced properly and at a reasonable cost.

With the expansion of the Web comes a site which offers all kinds of assistance.Find a reputable shop, get an estimate, track your service records, replace your owner’s manual, and even find shops while traveling.All these services are available at better, they are all free just for joining.And the membership is also free.

When you join, you enter the data about your vehicle(s), such as a Acura TL .A list of repair shops which service your make and model are then made available.Many of the shops have ratings and reviews from previous/present customers.

Estimates of the cost of various services are readily accessible.There are even descriptions of problems and their solution services so you have an idea of what’s coming before you bring in the car.For instance, if your car is ready for an oil change , the description of the service to be performed and an estimated cost are both available.Or if the brakes are squeeking and your card needs a brake job, you can get an idea of the approximate cost, before you even call the shop.Imagine how much less stressful that visit will be!

The need for repairs while traveling can be another major headache.Once you are a member of, you have access to the same list of shops in most major markets such as Houston auto repair.This could easily be the difference between a wonderful vacation and one which taxes a relationship.

Rarely is there a free service that really lives up to its claims.Usually you get what you pay for.In the case of, you pay nothing and get exactly what you need to ease one of life’s major frustrations.