George Foreman’s Daughter in Trouble for Mixing Driving, Cake

When people think of the children of former heavyweight boxing champion turned grill impresario George Foreman, they probably think of his five sons – all named George. But he also has five daughters, including 33-year-old Freeda Foreman, a former women’s boxer. But KTRK-TV in Houston is reporting that Freeda is getting notoriety – for all the wrong reasons.

Freeda Foreman is accused of causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages after she drove her car into a Houston business. The cause of the accident? According to Guy Stidham, the owner of the Two Guys Auto Restoration shop that Foreman allegedly crashed into, a police officer told him that she was distracted because she was “eating cake” when she lost control of the car.

Stidham claims that despite being assured that the damage to his business would be taken care of, the Foremans are now refusing to answer his phone calls.

“I asked if she had insurance and he said, ‘You’ll be taken care of because it’s George Foreman’s daughter,'” said Stidham.