Why you need a car spray booth for a proper paint job

Painting a car is almost impossible without the proper car spray booth. You need an airtight enclosure that will keep elements and debris from interfering with often precision painting applications. The enclosure is also important for keeping those in the area safe from the fumes and chemicals involved.

The right auto body paint booth can mean the difference in your auto body company’s success. Anyone looking to get their car painted, will obviously pick a company using a car spray booth as they’ll know they expect a better finished product. A spray booth service NY city drivers can rely on, for example, is going to dominate all its competitors still using old fashioned methods.

A company with the right tools is a company that can get the job done better than those that lack them. In the auto shop business those tools include spray booths, prep stations and finishing work stations. Companies who can afford these options for both cars and trucks will increase their revenues significantly.

These options don’t just make for a better finished product. With today’s technology, the right spray booths can come with heating systems that allow employees to work around the clock in colder climates. Advanced exhaust systems keep these employers even safer while they work, limiting your company’s liabilities. Booths outfitted with drying systems can speed up your turn around time, allowing your shop to make more money by servicing more vehicles.


Article submitted by Accudraft Paint Booths. The company created the best car spray booth in the industry.

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