Get More from Your Camper

The Foam Factory

If you own a camper, you probably take great pride in getting as much from it as possible. Campers are homes away from home for many and even those who only get theirs out once a year like to know they’ll travel in comfort.

But if you’re not using foam to do so, you’re only enjoying second best, if you’re lucky. A foam mattress for example is perfect for the nights you’ll spend inside the RV. Any other cushions you need can be made from foam too—whether it’s a couch, seats inside or even the actual material you sit on when you drive.

Best of all, foam is a very affordable material. So if the worst should happen or years of wear and tear finally catch up to them, you can relax knowing that replacement cushions won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

No matter what kind of cushions you need for your RV, foam can fit the bill. Getting custom made applications is easy because, again, foam is so cheap. But it’s also insanely easy to work with.

There are even a number of different types of foam so you can shop around and get the exact feel and comfort you want for life on the road.


At The Foam Factory, you’ll find every type of comfortable cushion you can imagine and then some. Whether you need a mattress replacement or you need outdoor foam that will fight off the elements, this store is the place for you.

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