Cushion replacement for campers

Written by: The Foam Factory

Campers are usually built to last, but unfortunately cushions do not last so long. Camper owners might start to see some deterioration in their vehicle’s cushions after some years of use. This deterioration might be due to factors such as moth infestations or wear and tear. In order to keep on using your camper, you are probably considering replacing its cushions. People can opt to change their cushions themselves or can have it changed by professionals in auto-body shops. Adopting the DIY approach for cushion replacement can be more cost-effective.

Whether you are doing your cushion replacement yourself or having it done by a professional, choosing the right foam is crucial. Buying good quality and durable materials will ensure that the cushions would not have to be replaced often.

Carlo Badalamenti has been involved in foam manufacturing and selling since 1980. He is currently the VP of his company. Throughout his experience, he has acquired knowledge on the qualities that make a good foam. Those qualities are namely the density, softness or firmness and durability of the product. His company offers a variety of foam cushions to choose from. For campers a long-lasting foam is available. The lifespan of this foam can go up to 16 years. Fast-drying foams can also be used on campers.

The Foam Factory is a company selling different types of foams for diverse uses. One of their products caters for the replacement of camper cushions.

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