How Vacuum Coating Systems are Changing Manufacturing

American manufacturing is fast becoming a world leader, especially in quality parts made cheaply. Much of this boils down to improvements made in advanced manufacturing. We can do more with a lot less, especially when it comes to materials and waste. Companies have gone to great lengths to try and save every resource possible, including adopting new practices like sputter deposition.


The machines that handle these processes are complicated by nature because they must handle extremely specific processes. Everything from the way a substrate is coated, to the methods used to heat the coating materials, must be precisely measured. Plastic is a great example of why this is. At high temperatures, like the kind that would melt metal, plastic would also melt.

Vacuum deposition systems are able to control variables like temperature at extremely precise rates, and the substrate receives an even coating thanks to rotating platforms that let molecules settle evenly on the surface of the object.


One major area where these changes have made a noticeable improvement is in the field of technology. Technology has a tendency to scale downward in price as time goes on. We’ve seen that as technology becomes more advanced, it becomes cheaper and easier to manufacture. Semiconductors benefit heavily from these systems. The coatings allow for precise layering of metals on circuitry. This makes everything from smaller cell phones to powerful computers possible.

High performance engines, like the kinds used in air planes and race cars, also benefit from this kind of technology. The intense use these engines are put through is not meant for sustainability, so industry has had to adopt. Metalizing plastic screws has become commonplace in newer engine and chassis designs.

Consumers also benefit from technology they use in their homes. Especially those who utilize health care technology. Eye glasses with anti-glare coating are made of a special kind of plastic. The coating is not a liquid form, or else it would lose effectiveness. The coating must be applied in a microscopically thin layer.


Aside from the ability to control variables with precision, much of this technology is useful because it can coat something with such an even finish. Sputtering tends to give a matte or anodized finish, but the coating is without defect and even across the surface of the substrate. That level of precision also means lower costs to the manufacturer, who isn’t paying for materials unnecessarily wasted.
Denton Vacuum, LLC sells vacuum deposition systems for industrial manufacturing applications.

Foam for Auto Interiors

Written by The Foam Factory

Your automotives might have been made to last, unfortunately the same cannot be said for your cushions. After several years of use, vehicle owners might start to notice certain deteriorations in their cushions. Various factors can be attributed to these deteriorations. Some of these are wear and tear and moth infestations. A solution to start anew with your auto interiors is to go for a foam replacement. Professionals in auto-body shops would be more than glad to have the work done for you. Alternatively, and especially if you are into DIY projects yourself, you might opt to carry out the foam replacement yourself. This solution might be the most cost-effective and gratifying one.

Even if you are carrying out the replacement yourself or seeking the help of a professional, the project will start with the choice of the right foam. Indeed, quality and durable materials will last longer and therefore, not require frequent replacements. Carlo Badalamenti is a professional who has been involved in the foam industry since 1980. He knows about the criteria to consider when choosing the right foam mattress. The criteria that you might be considering when choosing your foam product would be density, firmness and durability. For vehicles, long-lasting foams can last for a period of up to 16 years. Fast-drying foams can also used on vehicles that might be prone to humidity or the rain.

The Foam Factory specializes in different kinds of foams for diverse applications. Their products also include foam seat for automotive projects.

Stay comfortable on a long road trip

Written by The Foam Factory

Road trips are often fun and memorable family moments. However, long road trips can be a hassle especially if you are not comfortable while undergoing them. There are several measures that can be taken to render a road trip more comfortable and the below tips could come handy.

Healthy eating while on the road

You might think about focusing on eating healthy while on the road to avoid any discomfort caused by an upset stomach for example. You could think about packing some simple homemade food such as sandwiches, salads, cereals as well as water. You might also pack some fruits and nuts for some extra snacking.

Keeping off stress during the trip

A cause of stress during a road trip would be not knowing about which route to take. In order to avoid this, you might consider planning your itinerary beforehand. This would help you avoid traffic as well. In case you are held up in traffic, you might use music to relax.

Staying Comfortable in Your Seat

Constantly remaining seated for hours tends to be uncomfortable and even painful sometimes. You might think about adjusting your posture and seat to make sure that you are not causing additional discomforts. Taking regular breaks might also be beneficial to your legs and hips.

If you notice that your car seats tend to feel uncomfortable on long road trips, you might think about going for a cushion replacement to improve your comfort. Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of the Foam Factory, a company that offers various foam replacement solutions, including that of your chair cushion.

Cushion replacement for campers

Written by: The Foam Factory

Campers are usually built to last, but unfortunately cushions do not last so long. Camper owners might start to see some deterioration in their vehicle’s cushions after some years of use. This deterioration might be due to factors such as moth infestations or wear and tear. In order to keep on using your camper, you are probably considering replacing its cushions. People can opt to change their cushions themselves or can have it changed by professionals in auto-body shops. Adopting the DIY approach for cushion replacement can be more cost-effective.

Whether you are doing your cushion replacement yourself or having it done by a professional, choosing the right foam is crucial. Buying good quality and durable materials will ensure that the cushions would not have to be replaced often.

Carlo Badalamenti has been involved in foam manufacturing and selling since 1980. He is currently the VP of his company. Throughout his experience, he has acquired knowledge on the qualities that make a good foam. Those qualities are namely the density, softness or firmness and durability of the product. His company offers a variety of foam cushions to choose from. For campers a long-lasting foam is available. The lifespan of this foam can go up to 16 years. Fast-drying foams can also be used on campers.

The Foam Factory is a company selling different types of foams for diverse uses. One of their products caters for the replacement of camper cushions.

Getting comfortable in the RV

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Most families and quite a number of friends love to travel on the open road. A road trip can be an exhilarating and wonderful experience especially when you drive you scenic roads such as those in Big Sur, the Pocono Mountains, or a whole lot of other places that are definitely worth visiting over and over again. If you’re using an RV, this allows you to keep going to wherever destination you want without having to take so many stops. All you guys need to do is take frequent turns behind the wheel and you’re golden. But when talking about comfort, you’ll find that RV mattresses are quite ingenious, they fit perfectly behind a wall so you can hide it if nobody’s using it to save space. These are standardized sizes so you don’t need to have custom foam cushions for your RV unless you really want to have one. Your RV has everything you need to stay comfortable while out on the road. You have couches, beds and you even have a functioning kitchen and restroom too. This is everything you need to be able to keep going as well as to stay comfortable whenever you decide to go camping in the outdoors by a lake or in a forest. You need to dispel the thought that since you’re staying in a vehicle, things would get cramped and uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the mattress and cushions that you select. Don’t settle for the cheap and thin ones.


Foam Factory, Inc.and its employees endeavor to give you nothing but the best when it comes to their products and services. Whether it’sRV bedding or simply just pillows and sheets, they will make sure that you get excellent service and assistance.

Get More from Your Camper

The Foam Factory

If you own a camper, you probably take great pride in getting as much from it as possible. Campers are homes away from home for many and even those who only get theirs out once a year like to know they’ll travel in comfort.

But if you’re not using foam to do so, you’re only enjoying second best, if you’re lucky. A foam mattress for example is perfect for the nights you’ll spend inside the RV. Any other cushions you need can be made from foam too—whether it’s a couch, seats inside or even the actual material you sit on when you drive.

Best of all, foam is a very affordable material. So if the worst should happen or years of wear and tear finally catch up to them, you can relax knowing that replacement cushions won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

No matter what kind of cushions you need for your RV, foam can fit the bill. Getting custom made applications is easy because, again, foam is so cheap. But it’s also insanely easy to work with.

There are even a number of different types of foam so you can shop around and get the exact feel and comfort you want for life on the road.


At The Foam Factory, you’ll find every type of comfortable cushion you can imagine and then some. Whether you need a mattress replacement or you need outdoor foam that will fight off the elements, this store is the place for you.

It’s All About Drying

When we say paint, we simply think of a pail and brush to apply a coat of paint on an object then left to sit and dry in air. That’s normally the case with ordinary objects, but when you talk about automotive paint, things get much more complicated to accomplish that deep metallic finish that makes it sparkle. There are various steps in the procedure as well as certain precautions have to be undertaken as not to contaminate the paint during the curing process, because as previously mentioned, automotive paint is very delicate.

                Automotive paint is first mixed in a controlled and clean environment with proper lighting in a paint mixing room. Next is the spraying of paint, this happens also in an enclosed space called a spray booth. This keeps out wind, dust, moisture and other contaminants to give the surface an even coat and prevents particles from clinging on to the surface. After the multiple layers of paint are applied, the vehicle should be subject to a form of finishing systems, like the waterborne paint drying system that not  only isolates the object from the atmosphere, it also reduces curing time by about 90%. This significantly increases the quality of paint as it reduces the exposure to air during curing.

                Automotive painting is very delicate and the curing of the paint itself is just as important as the processes undergone during the whole duration. It is crucial that no corners are cut if you want to produce quality.

Why you need a car spray booth for a proper paint job

Painting a car is almost impossible without the proper car spray booth. You need an airtight enclosure that will keep elements and debris from interfering with often precision painting applications. The enclosure is also important for keeping those in the area safe from the fumes and chemicals involved.

The right auto body paint booth can mean the difference in your auto body company’s success. Anyone looking to get their car painted, will obviously pick a company using a car spray booth as they’ll know they expect a better finished product. A spray booth service NY city drivers can rely on, for example, is going to dominate all its competitors still using old fashioned methods.

A company with the right tools is a company that can get the job done better than those that lack them. In the auto shop business those tools include spray booths, prep stations and finishing work stations. Companies who can afford these options for both cars and trucks will increase their revenues significantly.

These options don’t just make for a better finished product. With today’s technology, the right spray booths can come with heating systems that allow employees to work around the clock in colder climates. Advanced exhaust systems keep these employers even safer while they work, limiting your company’s liabilities. Booths outfitted with drying systems can speed up your turn around time, allowing your shop to make more money by servicing more vehicles.


Article submitted by Accudraft Paint Booths. The company created the best car spray booth in the industry.

Get Your Car Painted In Accudrafts Paint Booths

Many professional paint shops use Accudraft paint booths. There are various sizes of paint booths for various sizes of personal and commercial vehicles. The painting process is automatic and is operated by a professional painter.

There are paint shops that paint commercial vehicles such as trucks and paint shops for personal vehicles such as cars. The painting process is similar with both types except commercial paint shops have larger paint booths.

Paint booth filters are used by both commercial paint shops and automotive paint shops. They are used to filter the fumes from the paint as it is being sprayed on to the vehicles. Prior to a vehicle being painted the paint is prepared in a paint mixing room. Solid colors as well as specialized paint mixes are prepared in these types of rooms. One place that has an extensive inventory of paint booth parts is at Professional paint shops can find the automatic spray booth they need or the parts they need on this site. There are many websites available that carry huge inventories of paint supplies and paint booths. To find them all you need to do is Google “paint booths” or “paint booth parts” to find the websites you need. Commercial paint shops that paint commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles can also find the supplies and booths they need simply by shopping online. If you want to open a paint shop you can find all the information you need to open one by researching online.

A Note on the Auto Body Paint Booth

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When it comes to the auto industry, the finishing with paint is considered to be one of the most important tasks. Before the auto body paint booth came back into existence, expecting a perfect paint job on a vehicle was considered to be highly unlikely, thanks to the inability of keeping out insects, dirt and grime.

All this has changed with the current spray booth technology which consists of four walls, a ceiling and a ventilation system, all of which is in place with the sole purpose of getting that perfect paint job done without any interference from the aforementioned elements.

With the excellent results that stem from using such technology, there are a plethora of applications that have sprung up specific to the auto industry right from truck spray booths all the way to aircraft and marine booths.

One pertinent question that people might have is how much these booths might cost?

Since these booths are customized for a plethora of applications (as mentioned before) it depends on the type of application it is used for which will influence the size and features required to complete an excellent paint job. Another big factor when it comes to the cost is the manufacturer you buy it from.

However, in general, a professional spray booth will cost you anywhere between $ 1000 to $ 3000, while the features such as the material used to make the spray booth, a heating element, lighting and a motor to run the lighting and heating will add to the cost as well.

All these features will also play an important role in the quality of spray booth service that you wish to offer your customers, and so, it is important not to consider just the costs when purchasing one of these booths.