CarPlay and Android Auto App Development

In the next few years, most automobiles manufactured for the American market will be equipped with Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto, the two new standards of automotive smartphone integration.

Industry analysts believe that a day will come when car buyers will be able to choose which of the two standards they want in their new vehicles. What this means for car-obsessed markets such as Southern California is a major opportunity for app development in Los Angeles.

From now until the year 2025, programmers dedicated to mobile application development Los Angeles should expect to be in high demand. In 2016, less than a hundred apps had been developed for Android Auto, and a similar situation could be observed for the Apple CarPlay standard. As automakers install more of these tech standards in the dashboard hardware of their new vehicles, the number of apps is bound to increase.

Gradually, major brands are becoming interested in the potential of being able to reach their audiences and customers through their in-vehicle console system. Unlike coding apps for smartphones and tablets, auto app development is more restrictive and specialized. In essence, the options are limited to the specific APIs installed in the in-dash consoles, which in turn provide the adequate user interface.

Let’s say a major sports franchise such as the Clippers would like to have an Apple CarPlay app developed to deliver audio news and game broadcasts; the team would have to hire an iPhone app development company Los Angeles for this purpose.
Halcyon Innovation offers mobile application development to Los Angeles startups and mid-sized businesses seeking customized technological solutions.

Getting Used Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are used by people for different applications. It might be for the replacement of a malfunctioning engine in a farm implement, to switch from gasoline to diesel or to fix a vintage vehicle such as a truck or a car. Buying used diesel engines carry several advantages. Some of the include complete refurbishment, lower cost, reliability and eco-friendliness.

Complete Refurbishment

Many shops would ensure that the engines they are selling are not only in a good running condition but they would also get it completely refurbished to avoid any breakdown. In certain cases, the engines may be thoroughly cleaned in a chemical vat and rebuilt to ensure that it works efficiently. All parts are also carefully tested and any worn-out parts are replaced. The engines are also painted, waterproofed and treated to prevent rust.

Lower Cost and Increased Reliability

Used items would obviously come at a lower cost compared to brand new ones. The good news is that while the price of used engines decreases with years, the usefulness does not decline so much. Most used diesel engines still have a lot of miles ahead of them. Proper maintenance would guarantee that they would function as well as if they were new. Older engines have been known to show consistent performance and are thus more reliable.


Buying secondhand is all about preserving resources and reducing waste. Buying used diesel engines would help to preserve the resources that would have been involved in making new engines.

Essential Tools for Car Maintenance

A mechanics toolset will have several tools that a home set probably won’t have, but there are a variety of basics you can and should keep close at hand. Car owners should also keep a well-stocked tool box for basic maintenance on your vehicle. You’ll save money when you do work out of your garage, and you might end up better prepared for emergency situations.

Basic Hand Tools

It’s helpful to have some basic hand tools, like pliers and an impact socket set, so you can do basic maintenance at home. A tire pressure gauge can be kept in your glove compartment, and it’s a very useful tool before going on road trips. You would also benefit from a pocket knife with many attachments (like a screwdriver or a small pair of scissors).


It’s also important to stock your trunk with the fluids your car needs to continue running. Keep a fuel cleaner close by to add when you gas up. Anti-freeze is also helpful, especially if you mix the water into it ahead of time. Brake fluids, oil and transmission fluids are also handy but you should stock a funnel to avoid spillage.

Other Supplies

Say that a problem occurs on the roadway. If you pack a set of cones and some flares, you can signal for help and keep your car and yourself safe from oncoming traffic. Some people also find it handy to keep an emergency cell phone battery or a charger too. Bottles of water and snacks are also good for times when you are stranded. You hope these things never happen to you, but it’s difficult to predict when disaster will strike.

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Looking for Acura accessories?

There’s no doubt that most Honda vehicles are considered to be among the best vehicles that any person can own, whether pre-owned or brand spanking new. However, as with most vehicles, whether American made or otherwise, the wear and tear that occurs over time results in the need for parts, and in the case of one of the most popular Honda vehicles, Acura accessories.

However, the most important thing that one must take into consideration when it comes to car repair is the costs involved for both labor as well as for these parts. And since we are talking about the Honda Acura here, finding discount Acura accessories can be a tough ask not unless you know where to look.

Conventionally speaking, these accessories are normally found at car dealerships located in different parts of the country thus requiring one to get to a specific location in order to do so. However, since the rise of the internet store, one will not have to look too far in order to find and order genuine parts of cars whether one is looking for Acura or Honda Pilot accessories.

No matter which Honda car you own, you can very easily get parts that you require so that the repair of your vehicle is facilitated smoothly in the days to come. So, look online if you wish to continue to enjoy the comfort and luxury that only a Honda car can give you.

Convertible tops at autotopsdirect

If you are looking for convertible tops, one of the best places you could go to online is The website is well designed, easy to navigate and you should find what you were looking for in no time at all. The products are also well designed, ship almost anywhere and are guaranteed to satisfy. The best part is that the autotopsdirect prices are far cheaper than what you would get from the OEM manufacturer.

The reputation that the site has built up is not surprising when you consider what they offer. First of all they have almost any model of convertible top that you can think of. Whether you are looking for BMW convertible tops or Mazda Miata convertible tops, you can find it in their extensive online catalogue. Just browse through the brands and pick the model that you need. What you will find are convertible tops that are built exactly to the original manufacturer’s specifications. This basically means that there is no difference between a factory-fitted convertible top and a top bought from autotopsdirect; this is another reason that contributes to their reputation.

Since the tops ship practically anywhere you will have no trouble getting the product to your doorstep. As the products are made to exact model specifications, installation is easy if you have a little bit of experience in repairing cars. But if you don’t have the experience or are worried about doing it yourself, you can get it installed elsewhere. By using the Locate an Installer tool that is on the website, you can find an autotopsdirect recommended installer who is located close to you.

When to Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are one of the most easily overlooked parts of an automobile. However, they can also cause a major safety concern if they are worn out or broken. Shock absorbers help to control the kinetic energy of a car as its weight shifts through corners, travels over uneven terrain or encounters bumps, potholes and other urban obstacles. Shock absorbers that don’t work properly can have a serious impact on handling and make it more difficult for you to control your car in case of an emergency.

Of course, riding in a car with poor shock absorbers also just isn’t fun. The most common problem with shock absorbers is worn out seals, which let fluids and air leak into the areas around the pistons and stop the effect of dampening the spring movement. The easiest way to check for a leak within the springs is to compress the shock absorber by hand. If it compresses easily and without much force, this means that you either have a fluid leak (which should be visible) or an invisible air leak and that it is time to replace your shock absorbers.

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