Vehicle insurance for your college bound child

Many of our children go to college far away from home and they take their vehicle with them. Regardless whether they stay in a dorm or an apartment near college there are few things you need to know about auto insurance for your child’s vehicle.

If your child doesn’t have a vehicle while attending college, you may consider removing your college bound child from your auto policy to reduce your premium. However, before you take this step consider few factors. Your child may borrow someone else vehicle for a quick trip to a store or may ride with a friend who has a vehicle. In an unfortunate accident, if your child is no longer covered under your policy and your child is liable for any injury or damage, or your child is uncompensated for his or her own injuries, you have no coverage. On the other hand, when your child come home for vacation and uses your vehicle you need coverage for that. If you are faced with a situation whether to remove your child from your auto policy, contact your agent before taking any action.

If your child takes his or her vehicle to college, review your existing policy for appropriate coverage.

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