Sporty Chevrolet Corvette stingray

It appears that more and more people are looking at connectivity to the Internet when choosing a new car. Many automakers as well as others who are interested in making driverless cars are attempting to get a new one to the market sooner than later. This may be why new sports cars are loaded with new technology advancements.

Chevrolet Corvette from the General Motors is no exception. The revamped 2014 Corvette comes with 6.2-liter V8 delivering 17 city, 29 highway and 21 combined miles per gallon. The 7-speed rear wheel drive has side air bags, stability control (even though it is lower enough to hug the road), and a rear view camera. The seven speed manual gearbox operation gives the driver power when needed. As expected from a sports car it has superior handling, steering and an excellent throttle response.

The 2014 is the 7th generation Corvette from Chevrolet and still lacks the quality of a European or Japanese counterparts. But the lean mean machine can compete with its European counter parts. However, interior fittings of the car worth a second look and seats are more comfortable than any other before. It comes with a price tag around $59,000 with the rag top costing $5,000 less.

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