Remote access security issues to highlight cyber security for the auto industry

Cyber security has been a primary concern for the Internet for several years. With more and more vehicles are equipped with Internet capable devices in cars, now it has become a concern for car manufacturers. A recent security breach in BMW’s Connected Drive remote-services system by researchers highlights the need to do more to protect the safety and security of drivers. Researchers found holes in the telematics system that allowed them to remotely get into the BMW’s cars and unlock doors and an opportunity to manipulate vehicle’s critical functions.

A possibility of remote security breach is a real problem for the auto industry. Fortunately for vehicle owners, so far breach can occur only within a close proximity to a vehicle. But hackers are hard at work and are coming up with new devices for true remote hacking of systems in vehicles without entering the vehicle or within a close proximity of a vehicle. More and more vehicles are providing and accommodating Internet access for smartphones, gaming devices and tablets inside cars while driving. Additionally, most of the vehicles today get updates over-the-air. These strengthen the need to address cyber security issues for vehicles sooner than later.

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