Image sensing and other hot technology to improve automotive industry

Now that Google and many other high tech companies are looking at technology loaded driverless vehicles, technology in automotive industry is getting much more attention. The automotive industry is becoming a fertile ground for the technology industry. Add to that, the Federal government is requiring all new vehicles to be equipped with rear-view backup cameras by 2018. Another area that is growing leaps and bounds is image sensing for safety. Luxury vehicles are touting not only back-up cameras but also lane departure sensing and warning systems, 360-degree surround view, forward facing machine vision and autonomous driving. Many expect side mounted mirrors to be replaced with cameras which will contribute to reduce vehicle weight and reduce wind drag.

This kind of improvement calls for new and improved chips and the industry will benefit from demand for new technologies from the automotive industry. Aptina Imaging (recently bought by ON Semiconductor) is the leading supplier of image sensors to the automotive industry closely followed by OmniVision. By 2018, the auto industry experts expect to see more than 100 million sensing devices to be sold worldwide. Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, Aston Martin, Hyundai and many other auto makers are paying close attention to technology advancements taking place in the technology industry.

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