Dealer options to skip when buying a new car

Should you sign up for some of the options promoted by sales staff at dealerships? Here are some of our thoughts on few of those options.

  • Fabric protection: It is a spray that the dealership will add on to the top of the existing fabric and promoted as protection coverage. It could add $100 or more to your purchase price and cost them next to nothing. Many do not like adding more chemicals to whatever we touch, so why pay more for it?
  • Rust-proofing: Be aware of this. Certain auto makers may void the factory corrosion perforation warranty if the car is undercoated by a third party. Today’s cars come with factory coated rust proofing. Undercoating provided by the dealer could add $200 to $1,200 to your bottom line. Rust proofing may also be bundled with some dealer options known as environmental protection package. You don’t need this.
  • Paint protection: They may call it year around environmental protection for your car and can add up to $200 to the purchase price. Vehicles of today are designed to take washing and polishing well. Some European car models come with more than several coatings. This is another sales pitch you don’t need.

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