A family of Minis to suit any driver

The Suez Canal crisis in the late 1950s sent the whole world into a fuel crisis. Car makers started to panic and one bright spot was the birth of Mini in 1959 in England. Ever since that time, the stylish and intelligent Mini continues to thrill driving enthusiasts. Mini is known for its fuel efficiency and as well as its smaller size. John Cooper turned Mini into a world-champion rally car.

Today, Mini caters to a wide variety of drivers. Modern day Mini family includes traditional Mini Cooper Hardtop, Mini Convertible for those who wants to fold the top, very functional and versatile Mini Clubman, roomy four-door Mini Countryman and two-seater Mini Coupe. Some of these come in all-wheel drive. Owners can expect to get 32 combined miles per gallon from many of the base models and 29 combined mpg from turbocharged models.

The sporty, fuel efficient and innovative family of Mini Coopers coined the phrase “MINImalism” that stands for doing more with less. It became a popular car in 1960s and after a brief period of absence in the U.S. returned again in 2002, stills a British car with new German engineering thanks to BMWs involvement.

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