Toyota to unveil new sports car at Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota plans a new green sports car

Toyota plans a new green sports car

Toyota is planning on getting sporty at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show as it will debut its new FT-86 sports car, which features green technology and a unique gasoline engine. Using a motor designed by Subaru, the FT-86 is based on the AE-86 model of Corolla-based sports cars sold in the 1980s.

The engine features pistons that are positioned horizontally instead of the vertical alignment that is standard in most engines. This allows the motor to sit lower in the frame, not only creating a more low-slung, classic sports car look but also resulting in a quieter drive.

In addition, enhancements to the technologies used on the FT-86 will mean that while it is a sports car, it can deliver fuel mileage similar to a standard coupe. The price will also be reasonable, with it expected to be sold in Japan for about 3 million yen ($33,700).

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