Toyota: Acceleration Problems Not Electrical

As its recall fiasco continues, Toyota Motor Corp. moved on Monday to dispel persistent rumors that the issues which have plagued the accelerators in their cars were caused by electrical issues. According to Reuters, Toyota announced their own review of an independent study showed no indication that unintended acceleration problems which have been linked to at least five deaths in the United States were caused by electrical problems.

This flies against what David Gilbert, an auto engineering expert at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, told Congress during hearings on the Toyota recall in February. Gilbert said that he was able to simulate a flaw in Toyota’s accelerator controls that allowed the vehicle to surge forward without a fault code being generated for an onboard computer Toyota has designed as a safeguard.

However, Toyota claims that independent analysis by a Stanford University professor and engineering consulting firm Exponent had failed to replicate Gilbert’s claims. Instead, Toyota is saying that Gilbert “rewired” the acceleration system in order to generate his results.

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