Tesla Finally Makes A Profit

Innovative electric car company Tesla Motors, founded in 2003, has reported a profit in July 2009. This is a milestone for the small independent car company that has pushed innovation, to provide the general public with a long range, high performance electric sports car. The main factor pushing Tesla Motors out of the red is a reduction in both the manufacturing costs and retail price of the Tesla roadster.

A current model Tesla roadster has been reduced in price by nearly 19,000 dollars, which has re-energized car sales and made the car affordable to a broader range of buyers and with more government incentives and tax breaks, an electric car is sure to appeal to a greater audience. The Tesla motor company may very well post profits more often, but not likely anytime soon.

With the current amount of money being allocated to the expansion of the company and the soon to be introduced first ever mass-produced electric car, the Model S sedan, Tesla Motors is unlikely to post another profitable month this year. This is not to say that the company will flounder anytime soon.

To push forward the innovative concepts of the company, the government has allotted a 465 million dollar loan to Tesla Motors to further develop the drivetrain of the Model S sedan. When the Model S sedan begins to hit the market in 2011 it will move Tesla Motors towards a bright future as the first electric car company to serve the general public, which will make a profit report from the company an everyday event.

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