Suzuki Seeks a Savior With 2010 Kizashi, Hybrid to Follow

Suzuki has had a bad run in the North American market in recent times, with sales declining up to 60 percent in the past year. Some analysts claimed that the company was to forget about North American sales in the future, but Suzuki has countered that with its all new Kizashi sedan aimed at the market.

The car will hit North American showrooms just before winter and the all new design seems to claim that the car company has come a long way since its previous models. The cars exterior is stylish and looks good. The interior has also seen significant improvement and provides a comfortable space for the occupants within. The car will offer its buyers with the option of all wheel drive and a choice of CVT. The company also says that it will be introducing a new fuel efficient hybrid car in the near future which will be the car that will most likely actually save the company. The hybrid will also allow the Suzuki to beat the Koreans to market and help the company to boost sales over their rivals. \

Suzuki has said that its new Kizashi would offer “Japanese quality with European flair” with this new “car of the year contender”.

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