Suzuki Lanza 150cc To Launch Soon!

Bajaj, TVS and HH are doing great business by getting out new bikes and upgrades from time to time, but the company that was going slow is Suzuki. After a long time meddling around the 125cc range, Suzuki finally came to the 150cc range. This might be a start to what can end profitably.

The picture you see here was taken before the official release or preview. This 150cc Suzuki Lanza will be placed against Honda’s Unicorn, HH’s Hunk, Bajaj’s Pulsar 150cc and the CBZ Xtreme.

Some of the feature that have been hinted were:
1. Alloy Wheels
2. Digital instrument console
3. Gas filled rear shock absorbers
4. LED tail lamps
5. Alloy handle bar clamps
6. Alloy subframe
7. Box section swing arms
8. Handle bar weights

Expect this bike around the month of September or October and can prove to be a very competitive bike if priced properly with nice features. On the basis of looks from the current picture, the bike does look pretty neat. Good luck for them.

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