New Ford Ikon Diesel – Facelift

Yes, another facelift from Ford. Old news, but its still a news. The Ikon started off like the Fiesta did, got great response, made it a “drivers” car and became a common sight in the road, being the luxury car at that time. The Ford Ikon will be getting a facelift and will be entering the market soon. This facelift is similar to the Fiesta’s, where only the frontal part is worked out and the rear is left the same.

The interior style is being changed a little, like new seat fabrics, revamped instrument clusters and new dials. The front part of the car gets new European styled headlights and a Fiesta-like nose and an all new bumper with fog lights. The rear gets clear tail lamps.

The Ikon had a diesel engine 3 years ago, which was a 1.8L version. When the Fiesta came this version was dismissed. Now the Ikon would make a diesel comeback with a 1.4L diesel. The diesel version will be a good buy for the price as they plan to price the Ikon at 4.5-5.5L.

This new facelift and the engine will be uncovered before the end of the year

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