Lamborghini Hybrid?

The word on the automotive scene is that Lamborghini is in the process of coming out with a Hybrid. Different sources have different answers to the question. They all seem to agree on one thing, Lamborghini will put the new hybrid into production by 2010 and will be on the market by 2015.

Some of the rumors say the new hybrid will go by the name “Estoque” the meaning refers to the matador’s sword. The Estoque is said to be a four door sedan model, the first since the 1987 Frankfurt auto show when the Portofino was shown.

The CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that an operational prototype of the Estoque is in development. The prototype is said to have a retuned 5.3 liter V-10 that puts out 500hp. The Research and Development Director of Technology Maruzio Reggiani has hinted that the production model would use parent company Audi’s Hybrid Technology. Reggiani also said the use of aluminum and carbon fiber chassis on the Estoque.

Winkelmann also stated that Lamborghini is coming out with a hybrid model of the Gallardo sports car. He also suggested that the hybrid model would be available in two and four wheel drive. The Gallardo hybrid will still have the high performance V-10 or V-12 engine with the addition of electric motor. The electric motor would be in use at slow speeds and normal acceleration. The gasoline engine would be in use at higher speeds or when there is the need for quicker acceleration.

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