Ford Shows ‘Intelligent’ System For Hybrids

The concept behind Ford’s new intelligent system is to provide EV owners with the capability to program when their cars should charge and for how long. Ford has been tirelessly working on this project with the Department of Energy and 10 utility companies on developing the system.

Ford’s new communication and charging technology will allow owners to use a dashboard mounted touchscreen interface and an in-dash computer to choose when the charging process should start. Officials at Ford stated that direct communication between EVs and the grid can only be accomplished by car companies collaborating with utility companies. How the technology works is when a car is plugged in the battery systems will communicate with the grid via smart meters provided by the utility companies through wireless networking. The in-dash computer then allows the vehicle owner to specify what time the vehicle should be charged and at what utility rate. For an example the owner can specify that the vehicle should be charged only during off-peak hours when the rates are cheaper or during hours when the utility offers renewable energy from sources such as wind or solar power.

Ford states that popularization of such technologies cannot be achieved by an automaker alone, which is why Ford is teaming up with the utility companies and the Department of Energy to bring a whole solution that would benefit customers all over the nation.

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