Ferrari Builds High Tech Steering Wheel

Ferrari has incorporated all the knowledge it gathers from its F1 research and incorporated it in to their new car the Ferrari 458 Italia. Since they have built this car to reach breathtaking speeds and handle corners like roaches do, they have equipped it with one of the most useful steering wheels Ferrari ever made.

Ferrari has mounted all the primary inputs on the steering wheel and secondary inputs are located on two satellite pods on either side. The Italian carmaker has done away with the stalks on the steering wheel column, just like in many cars on the road today and replaced them with buttons on the steering wheel. Hence, turn indicators, high beam, lights, wipers are all buttons located on the steering wheel. Even the button to change shock-absorber settings is now located on the steering wheel above the big red start button. Controls for the stereo are also located on the steering wheel but at the back as opposed on the main panel as in most cars. Ferrari have also located the driving modes switch on the steering wheel allowing the driver to quickly switch from one mode to the other without taking his or her eyes off the road. They also claim to have tightened the paddle-shift gear leavers allowing drivers to change gears swiftly from any angle; even while taking a tight corner.

As in the past, Ferrari is taking its technology to another level by bringing F1 technology from the track to its road cars. This technology will soon catch on with other sports cars that compete with Italian carmaker.

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