Consumer Reports Gives Lexus GX 460 Rare “Don’t Buy” Rating

In another PR nightmare for Toyota, Consumer Reports has issued a rare “Don’t Buy” rating to its Lexus GX 460 model because of handling problems that make the luxury SUV vulnerable to overturn. According to USA Today, Toyota is currently working on testing to attempt to fix the problem and will provide loaner vehicles in the interim to any current Lexus GX 460 owner who is concerned about the safety of the car.

According to Consumer Reports, the newly-designed rear end of the Lexus GX 460 is far too loose, causing it to slide too easily when a driver lifts off the gas while cornering. The magazines says that testing showed that the problem is so severe that the rear wheels can easily slide over a curb during tight cornering at fast speeds, causing the car to flip.

The “Don’t Buy” rating is the harshest ranking that Consumer Reports can give a product. The last time it was applied to a vehicle was in 2001.

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