Colorado dealership urges Penske to reconsider Saturn decision

The end might be near for Saturn, but that’s not stopping some car dealers from doing everything they can to fight for the beleaguered car company. The Denver Business Journal reports that Colorado’s Phil Long Dealerships have asked the Penske Automotive Group to reconsider its decision to back away from a deal to buy the car line from General Motors.

In a statement, Jay Cimino, CEO and president of Phil Long Dealerships, said the company was making “one last plea to [Penske Automotive owner] Roger Penske to make the final lap and finish this race.”

Cimino added, “There is much loyalty for this brand, which leaves me optimistic about the fate of Saturn.” He urged Saturn fans to leave “messages of support” at, a website oriented toward persuading Penske to buy Saturn.

At the same time, Cimino also said that the dealerships would be offering major sales to clear their lots of the remaining Saturns in stock.

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