Chevy Volt Unveiled

Earlier today, GM unwrapped the vehicle that they feel is the key to the company’s survival.  That vehicle is the Chevy Volt.  It is a vehicle that is powered by an electric motor upto 40 miles, and then a small gasolin engine kicks in to help propel the electric motor.  Some features include: an all-black roof, solid front grill, and in the interior, a bright white center stack and customizable LCD displays.

According to GM, the Volt’s lithium-ion battery can be charged in eight hours on a 120-volt plug. Using a 240-volt outlet cuts the time down to less than three hours. The claimed 40-mile all-electric range is based on the EPA city cycle, but GM has not said how power accessories and components like air conditioning will affect it.

It will enter the market in late 2010 as a 2011 model.  Is it too little too late for GM?  What do you think?

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