Chevrolet to limit early production of Volt to 200-400 cars

On Tuesday morning, Chevrolet sent a jolt of electricity through the automotive world with news that its new range-extended electric car the Volt would get a 230 mpg city rating, exciting many drivers who were looking forward to a truly revolutionary electric car.
However, Chevrolet quickly punctured the hopes of many who were interested in a more eco-friendly driving experience by announcing that the car would have a price tag in the $40,000 range. And today came more news that is sure to put a damper on the spirits of potential Volt buyers, as the company stated that the car will be available in extremely limited supplies upon its launch in 2010 – and perhaps for some time after as well.
According to Automotive News, General Motors will only be producing between 200 to 400 Volts in November and December 2010 before ramping up production very slowly in 2011. By the start of 2012, GM hopes to have sold 12,000 Volts, a significant number for a primarily electric car but one that might be significantly below market demand.

What’s the reason for this? Certainly Chevrolet wants to make sure that they avoid overproduction and having their flagship “green” model sitting on dealer lots. But underproducing Volts also creates the impression of high demand, priming people for future sales once the cars become more commercially available.

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