Aston Martin One-77

At the Geneva Motor Show this week, Aston Martin publicly showed its limited-edition One-77 super-car for the first time. While the design is certainly attention grabbing, the machinery sitting next to it was perhaps even more so. On the first of two press days, the Aston stand was dominated by the first complete One-77 chassis laid bare for all the world to see. Resplendent in carbon-fiber and cast, forged and extruded aluminum, the skinless One-77 is an engineer’s dream.

Chris Porritt, Chief Program Manager for the One-77, took a few minutes to give us a guided tour of this remarkable example of engineering art. The mechanical bits of the One-77 are built more like the guts of an Le Mans Prototype racer than any typical production car. Of course, calling this a production car is a stretch anyway given that only 77 examples will be produced. Major automakers typically produce more prototypes than that for a new vehicle program. Follow the jump for a walk through of the One-77.

A high-performance car relies on several key elements. Obviously, a great propulsion system is a prerequisite and the One-77 has that, but we’ll come back to that later. Large quantities of power don’t mean much without a chassis that’s able to manage the dynamics of spirited driving. Doing that requires keeping the rubber in contact with the road at all times and knowing where the wheels are relative to each other. That requires a rigid structure that minimizes the physical motion of the suspension mounting points as the car corners, accelerates, brakes and follows the contour of the road.

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