After years of getting older Ford gets a new Woodie!

The 2009 Ford Flex

The 2009 Ford Flex

Ford Motor Company has seen better days,

With record losses, bland new models, giant rebates on older models, and only the mustang to anchor the drifting company; many might think back to the iconic models of Ford’s yesteryears.

Enter the Ford Flex.

After years of production for the boring and sales lacking Ford Freestar and Mecury Monterey minivans, Ford has entered the world of the elite crossover.

Crossovers have existed for a decade in one form or another and were tipified with the introduction of the RX300 from Lexus. So, Ford entering this growing segment is needed but with every other manufacturer entereing the game as well, the waters ahead are rocky to say the least.

Luckily, Ford chose with this new model to draw on interesting styling and functionality rather than overall technology (as found in the Acura RDX) or sci-fi trechie styling that perforates most asian based crossovers.

What we end up with is the 2009 Ford Woodie…. whoops, should I say FORD FLex.

Accidentally harking back to the kitchy surf mobile made popular by california hippies in the 60’s, the Flex is immediately recognizable. It stands out in a sea of boring seemingly submersible blobs and razor edged SUVs.

With available seating for 7 and a choice of engines that can receive up to 26 mpg highway it should be gobbled up by the young adventurous family.

My only gripe with this particular mode of transportation with its slab sides and upright windshield is the lack of interior style. Ford continues to create bland uncomfortable looking interiors with bland panel fits and uninspired layouts.

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