Meguiar’s Complete Car care Kit

Here comes a complete kit that includes 16 oz. wash and shampoo, 16 oz. liquid wax, 16 oz. high gloss gel, quick detailer, 16 oz. interior quick detailer, Clam shell clay, two clay bars, clay kit instructions, plastic restorer (PlastX), scratch remover (ScratchX), microfiber towel, form applicator pad, and a micro fiber wash mitt. All these cost only $40.00 with free shipping at

Over the years, I tried just about everything that is out in the market. It amazed me to see a complete kit for exterior and interior from Meguiar. Products for the exterior shine follows an easy sequence from wash, clean, and repair to wax, polish and shine your vehicle and get rid of scratches. Simply spray interior cleaner on to your towel and wipe off the interior for a clean bold look. Its Endurance tire cleaner and the plastic polish are also work wonders. Make sure to read directions carefully and use the products in the suggested order. Use clean towels that come with the kit for each task. For tires, you can use a clean towel along with the product to get rid of oil and shine your wheels. You will be shocked to see the final result.

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