Enter the Mobile Comfort Zone: 5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Camper or RV

Written by: The Foam Factory

When the open road beckons, owning a camper or recreational vehicle is the best way to maximize the vacation experience. Although you can’t take all of the comforts of home with you, the convenience that campers and RVs afford are worth the compromise. If you’d like to kick things up a notch for a reasonable price, the following upgrades are worth considering.

Maximize Storage Space

Despite the fact that campers and RVs are designed to do more with less by default, there’s always room for improvement in the storage department. Your own mobile machine no doubt features plenty of opportunities for adding extra storage space. Consider shelf racks affixed to doors, recessed drawers underneath kitchenette tables and ceiling-mounted hanging baskets to start.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Stock cushions and mattresses often leave something to be desired, even in relatively upscale recreational vehicles. Upgrading your mattresses is hands down the easiest way to make your camper more comfortable and livable in the long run. Whatever your preferences may be, there are dozens if not hundreds of high-quality custom cushion options available on the market.

Get Wired with Wireless

No matter how hard you try to get away from it all on vacation, web access is sometimes a must. While cable or satellite connectivity is often out of the question, free public Wi-Fi is quite common. A few simple gadgets like a wireless repeater and a Roku box can provide your RV with communication and entertainment capabilities.

Add Solar to the Equation

Whether you’re trying to decrease your carbon footprint or merely save a few bucks on energy costs, adding solar panels to your camper or RV is the way to go. Thanks to the dramatic drop in price we’ve seen in recent years, a few 200W solar panels can add considerable juice for a minimal price.

Invest in All-Weather Cushions

A few pieces of collapsible outdoor furniture are vital if you want to really get the full RV experience. If you’d like to take a patio with you anywhere you go, specialty outdoor cushions should be considered. Look for Dryfast foam cushions that can take a beating and withstand the moisture that comes with life on the road.

No More Hell on Wheels

Everyone’s definition of comfort is a bit different. As such, customizing your RV or camper is a no-brainer. The tips outlined here are certainly a good start. With just a few outdoor foam cushions and some additional interior storage options, your home away from home is well on its way to becoming a virtual palace.

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