Are Synthetic Motor Oils Worth the Cost?

“Synthetic or standard oil?” If you’ve gone into a shop for an oil change in the last few years, the chances are good that you’ve heard that question. And there’s also a very good chance that you didn’t have a good answer for that question because you didn’t understand the difference between the two types of oils.

Synthetic oils are created in a laboratory from artificially-created polymers. This process was created in Germany because they lacked the crude oil resources needed to create “standard” motor oil. Because the polymers could be controlled and their size standardized, synthetic oil was used for high-end products like aircraft and large boats.

Today, synthetic oils are used for all types of engines, including commercial and passenger vehicles. Synthetic oils do offer more protection than regular oils. However – and this is key to remember – the amount of difference is very limited. If you have a work vehicle or other vehicle that is placed under a high level of stress, synthetic oil might be the best choice. But if you are just looking for the right choice for your oil change, then you will likely want to consider a blend of synthetic and standard oils, which will give you many of the enhanced protection benefits of a synthetic while still being affordable.

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