Essential Tools for Car Maintenance

A mechanics toolset will have several tools that a home set probably won’t have, but there are a variety of basics you can and should keep close at hand. Car owners should also keep a well-stocked tool box for basic maintenance on your vehicle. You’ll save money when you do work out of your garage, and you might end up better prepared for emergency situations.

Basic Hand Tools

It’s helpful to have some basic hand tools, like pliers and an impact socket set, so you can do basic maintenance at home. A tire pressure gauge can be kept in your glove compartment, and it’s a very useful tool before going on road trips. You would also benefit from a pocket knife with many attachments (like a screwdriver or a small pair of scissors).


It’s also important to stock your trunk with the fluids your car needs to continue running. Keep a fuel cleaner close by to add when you gas up. Anti-freeze is also helpful, especially if you mix the water into it ahead of time. Brake fluids, oil and transmission fluids are also handy but you should stock a funnel to avoid spillage.

Other Supplies

Say that a problem occurs on the roadway. If you pack a set of cones and some flares, you can signal for help and keep your car and yourself safe from oncoming traffic. Some people also find it handy to keep an emergency cell phone battery or a charger too. Bottles of water and snacks are also good for times when you are stranded. You hope these things never happen to you, but it’s difficult to predict when disaster will strike.

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