Save Money on Tractor Parts

When your tractor breaks down or starts running funny, the last thing you want to do is push your luck or simply let it sit and collect dust. The problem is tractor parts can often be very expensive. Fortunately, there is another option.

Consider buying used tractor parts to get your machine back up and running so you can continue and finish the job at hand. There are a number of options at your disposal for making the most out of this method as well.

For one, you can always go visit a local tractor salvage yard. If your tractor is a common make and model, you might be able to find the part you need at a discounted rate and be able to get your tractor back up and running in no time.

Not everyone has a local salvage yard though and, even if you do, that’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find the part you need.

Fortunately, there’s the internet. You can find the equivalent of countless salvage yards online, all of which will more than likely have the part you need. Best of all, you’ll save money on buying the brand new version.

Buying used not only saves you money, it’s better for the environment too. So long as you know the exact part you need, ordering online is easy and always the way to go.


It’s All About Drying

When we say paint, we simply think of a pail and brush to apply a coat of paint on an object then left to sit and dry in air. That’s normally the case with ordinary objects, but when you talk about automotive paint, things get much more complicated to accomplish that deep metallic finish that makes it sparkle. There are various steps in the procedure as well as certain precautions have to be undertaken as not to contaminate the paint during the curing process, because as previously mentioned, automotive paint is very delicate.

                Automotive paint is first mixed in a controlled and clean environment with proper lighting in a paint mixing room. Next is the spraying of paint, this happens also in an enclosed space called a spray booth. This keeps out wind, dust, moisture and other contaminants to give the surface an even coat and prevents particles from clinging on to the surface. After the multiple layers of paint are applied, the vehicle should be subject to a form of finishing systems, like the waterborne paint drying system that not  only isolates the object from the atmosphere, it also reduces curing time by about 90%. This significantly increases the quality of paint as it reduces the exposure to air during curing.

                Automotive painting is very delicate and the curing of the paint itself is just as important as the processes undergone during the whole duration. It is crucial that no corners are cut if you want to produce quality.

Optical Coating Systems for the Automotive Industry

Optical coating systems are used in a variety of industries including automotive. In fact, the use of thin film technology in the production of vehicles and accessories is growing steadily. Optical coating is helping to fuel some of the major breakthroughs in the automotive industry as well as making cars safer and more affordable.

Here are just a few of the ways that thin film coatings are used in the automotive world:

Solar Cells: Solar technology is very “hot” right now as automotive manufacturers try to determine how to more efficiently utilize solar power generation in their vehicles. One area that shows major promise is with solar cells made using thin film photovoltaic technology. Compared to older, silicon panel-based solar panels, these cells are much more flexible, lightweight and affordable to produce. The use of this technology could make fully solar powered cars more acceptable for everyday drivers.

Automotive Glass: The use of thin film coatings for automotive glass is extensive. Coatings applied to a front windshield can keep frost from forming or help drivers to defog their windows. They can also add the reflective “baffles” that are found on car headlights.

Thermal Coatings: Parts manufacturers can use a thermal evaporation system to thermally coat the items they produce. Dry coatings are used to permanently lubricate bearings, pistons, gears, valve stems, piston rods and other parts that need to move freely without constant oil. Thermal barrier coatings on piston domes, combustion chambers and exhaust systems reduce heat transfer while heat dissipation coatings are applied to parts such as radiators, brakes and oil coolers to cool down parts that heat up during heavy use.

Written by Denton Vacuum, LLC.  Denton Vacuum, LLC creates the latest e-beam evaporation and sputter deposition thin-film advances for customer in a range of industries.

The endless versions of new BMW 320i

The EPA estimated 23 mpg city, 36 mpg highway and 27 combined mpg, the new 320i comes with an affordable starting price tag of $32,750. Not a bad bargain price before adding options for a performer from famed BMW. Adding luxury wood trim, navigation, backup camera, moon roof, heated seat, and power seats will cost you more. The sports package will cost you $1,300 for 18-inch alloy wheels, sport suspension and sport seats. Metallic red paint will cost you additional $550 and all carry $925 destination charges. But it is still within the price range of fully loaded 180 horsepower Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. The famed 3 series comes with more than 20 models to cater to any car enthusiast.

What you get for the price is smooth shifting and handling and utmost precision that BMW is known for. It still delivers power when you need and many competitors still chase after it. Even with much more horsepower, wannabes try to compete with dress down basic version of 320i. Four-wheel disc brakes and easy glide shifting will help you to fulfill a safe drive. Overall, the new 320i will give you the benefit of decades of engineering achievement that BMW is known to offer.

German luxury brands at an affordable price in the United States

Luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are increasingly trying to come up with cars that are affordable to the mainstream. They are in search of a way to cut into mass market models manufactured by Ford Motor, Chrysler Group, and Toyota Motor. Ford Taurus start around $26,780 and Chrysler 300 start around $30,545. Compare these prices to well-known luxury brands. Audi is introducing a new A3 that will start around $29,900 in spring 2014. Mercedes Benz CLA sedan that is already selling in the United States since September 2013 starts at a price similar to Audi. BMW is expected to introduce a 2-series coupe in the U.S. in March 2014 starting around $33,025.

What you will get is the remarkable styling and handling of German car technology. Many owners tend to stick to brands they revere. This is why German manufacturers are trying to cut into the affordable mainstream car market in the U.S. at a time when European car sales are dwindling. Luxury brands in the U.S. accounts for 19 percent of vehicles sold and expected to grow to 24 percent by 2018 according to some published reports.