Why It Is Better To Have an Airport Taxi Than To Drive Yourself!

Having to take directions from anyone sucks, you want to know where you are going and you want to go directly there. It is even worse if you don’t have a good navigator with you while you are driving. These issues are especially prevalent when you are in a foreign city, and you want to get to the place you are meant to be quickly. There are many people that don’t live in the city that navigate their way around, and struggle to find the place they are going, and that is a problem that could be solved by an airport taxi.

Of course, you might know where you are going in a city, but there is also the fact that you might want to take a break. You don’t want to find yourself in the city after a relaxing vacation or a busy business trip and then have to find your car and drive home. This is entirely too much of a hazard, especially if you are tired, and that is where taxis and other kinds of vehicles that are available for hire come in.

You can find yourself in the city for a short or long time; but chances are you are going to find yourself in the same position when travelling back to the airport. You need to find good transportation to airport so that you are able to get on your plane on time. Of course, there are plenty of taxi companies and now you in most cities you can also get services like Uber and Lyft.

Get Your Car Painted In Accudrafts Paint Booths

Many professional paint shops use Accudraft paint booths. There are various sizes of paint booths for various sizes of personal and commercial vehicles. The painting process is automatic and is operated by a professional painter.

There are paint shops that paint commercial vehicles such as trucks and paint shops for personal vehicles such as cars. The painting process is similar with both types except commercial paint shops have larger paint booths.

Paint booth filters are used by both commercial paint shops and automotive paint shops. They are used to filter the fumes from the paint as it is being sprayed on to the vehicles. Prior to a vehicle being painted the paint is prepared in a paint mixing room. Solid colors as well as specialized paint mixes are prepared in these types of rooms. One place that has an extensive inventory of paint booth parts is at www.accudraftpaintbooths.com. Professional paint shops can find the automatic spray booth they need or the parts they need on this site. There are many websites available that carry huge inventories of paint supplies and paint booths. To find them all you need to do is Google “paint booths” or “paint booth parts” to find the websites you need. Commercial paint shops that paint commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles can also find the supplies and booths they need simply by shopping online. If you want to open a paint shop you can find all the information you need to open one by researching online.

Can Ford save its luxury liner, Lincoln?

The U.S. luxury car sales are dominated by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus.  Lincoln once dominated the U.S. market in 1990s now holds the sixth place behind Cadillac and Audi.  Ford is expecting to spend more than $1 billion to bring seven new Lincoln line up by 2015.  It is anyone’s guess whether Ford will be able to resurrect the 90 year old airport limousine.  The Ford’s luxury liner, Lincoln’s sales plummeted more than 63 percent since 1990.  More than 35 percent of Lincoln buyers are over the age of 65 and includes 14 percent of over 75 years of age.  Compare this to less than two percent of over 65 owners of BMW and Audi.

For the first time, Lincoln will air a new commercial during the next Super Bowl using comedian and TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon, trying to appeal to a younger generation.  This is a first for Lincoln.  Suggestions for the commercial came from Twitter.  Another first for Lincoln will be a new commercial of an actor portraying Abraham Lincoln, a name sake.  It is trying to reflect its history and present a change to the vehicle buyers.  Ford sees value being a Presidential limousine as well as Clark Gable’s glamour.