Tata Indica Vista Launched!

The second generation Tata Indica was revealed today! A very prestigious time to reveal the 2nd generation Indica as this year 2008 is the anniversary year of the Indica, which was first launched in 1998. The 2nd generation Indica, said by Tata will be a great change from the current Indica in areas of style, space, comfort, engine and refinement!

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2010 Chevrolet Optra/Cruze Official Pictures!

Note that this is the first Official pictures of the 2010 Chevrolet Cruze, which will be the Chevrolet Optra when it reaches India. GM is currently running on losses, so they hope to catch up with the market with small cars. The 2010 Chevrolet Cruze/Optra is said to be launched in 2009 end. The CEO of GM Rick Wagoner announced that a sum of $500 million would be invested to build the 2010 Chevrolet Optra/Cruze.

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2009 Honda City – Clear Picture!

Well, another image leak. This picture was said to be found in Thailand, in a blog called pantip. The Honda City is said to make its official release somewhere around October or November, though it may not be confirmed as to where it will make its official launch. Right now according to the sources, Thailand and India are the 2 possible countries. Who knows?? Honda might surprise you. Get more on this latest stylish Honda City Here!! and spy shots here!!

2009 Honda City – Computerized Pictures

We got the spy pictures of the latest 2009 Honda City, click here to see it!. But AutocarIndia had published a computerized version of it in their Issue. The Honda City is said to launch in November 2009, which is getting quite close. But we are still waiting for the clear official picture of the Honda City. The news was that it will be released in August. It is August now! and where are the pictures?? I think we gotta wait a little more. Until then take a look at the pictures below.

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Yamaha FZ150 To Launch Around Diwali

All the hype, all the fame and all the attention went to the Yamaha YZFR15, only because of its rumored 22bhp output. Now that its released, there are so many people ready to buy it. Yamaha is regaining its popularity. But not everyone noticed the other bike standing next to the YZFR15 in the Yamaha stall during the autoshow.

Now that it is time to have some FZ150 talk, lets talk! :). The FZ150 is the replica of the much bigger macho FZ1 1000cc bike, with a 150cc engine. A few shots have been taken by Bike India and members of Team-Bhp to show that Yamaha is almost ready to release the naked monster.

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Veno “nameless” Sports Car – Rip Off Of Lamborghini Reventon

Yes, the first time I saw this car i too thought that this was the Lamborghini Reventon. This car is from Veno Automotive, which is from Poland. This company is controlled by private equity fund Heros Capital, originated from the UK. It is a new company, starting off to compete with majors like Lamborghini and Ferrari. The name is not revealed yet, so gotta put some stylish name.

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New Ford Ikon Diesel – Facelift

Yes, another facelift from Ford. Old news, but its still a news. The Ikon started off like the Fiesta did, got great response, made it a “drivers” car and became a common sight in the road, being the luxury car at that time. The Ford Ikon will be getting a facelift and will be entering the market soon. This facelift is similar to the Fiesta’s, where only the frontal part is worked out and the rear is left the same.

The interior style is being changed a little, like new seat fabrics, revamped instrument clusters and new dials. The front part of the car gets new European styled headlights and a Fiesta-like nose and an all new bumper with fog lights. The rear gets clear tail lamps.
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2009 Maruti Suzuki Alto, launch in Diwali

Two official pictures of the Suzuki A-star (known as the new Alto) has been released. The new Alto will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in the month of October. The new Alto, though called by its name will sell alongside the current alto, like how the current Alto and the previous Alto (M800) is doing.
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Toyota Yaris – Captured! Spied!

Another spy pic from Team-bhp. It is eventually the home of all spy pictures. svsantosh, a BHPian caught a Toyota Yaris, totally naked, without badge, or anything, except a “going to fall” registration plate. Caught in Bangalore in heavy traffic. Inside say 2 south east asian, probably Japanese with laptop at the back seat with an Indian driver.
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2009 Maruti Suzuki Alto/A-Star Spied! Pictures

Suzuki’s World Car, the A-star was caught in the roads of Delhi, thanks to a guy from Orkut named Ronnit. The A-star concept was showcased in the Delhi auto expo and this a-star will be called the Alto in India. India might probably be the first to get this car and then it gets exported.
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