Car Audio Basics

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Car audio has been around a very long time. Unlike home audio systems, car audio has been created around two compromises, size and cost. The size has to fit the standard dashboard of each car. The drive to keep costs down means that car audio systems generally do not sound as good. Before you decide on your next online buy, let’s look at the main three components of a car audio system:

The head unit

This is the heart of a car stereo system and is typically referred to as the head unit. Most head units include radio tuners, cd drives. Newer models have Bluetooth for wireless connectivity from phones and large touchscreens. There are some that have internet and/or satellite radio. Modern versions also come directly connected to the car as an infotainment unit, which displays maps, navigation etc.

The amp

The amplifier is the second unit in the car and takes the audio signal from the head unit and amplifies it for the speakers. Entry level car audio systems only have the head unit and the speakers. The amplification is done by a small amp within the head unit. This is a consequence of keeping costs down.

The speakers

The speakers are the third and final component of a car stereo system. Most cars have at the very least four speakers. The next upgrade on that is to add two more speakers, which are two small tweeters. Getting high-end head units or amps will not have any effect unless the speakers are of sufficient quality.

When buying look for deals that you will find on online discount shopping sites. Rather than buying everything together, look at the best you can get from each category.


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Renting a Car Overseas? Look Out For These Scams

Summary: Beware of the most common car rental scams that companies use to snatch your money away.

Car rental companies tend to differ from one another by their contracts, set of cars, and prices. Needless to say, it’s important that you understand what you’re signing up before you become a customer with the rental company.

Read Between the Lines

Car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE require that you have an International license in order to operate the vehicle. Essentially, it’s just your driver’s license that’s translated into a different language so the city police can determine ownership.

Be sure that you fully read the contract that’s given to you. How much do you need to fill up the gas before they charge you additional fees? Is there a mandatory deposit, and how do you get it back? Are you limited by the amount of miles that you drive? These are only some of the questions that you’ll want to ask yourself before you sign on the dotted line. This way, you won’t be shocked when you see your final statement.

If a Company Sounds like a Rip-Off, It Might Be

Many companies that offer a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi will try to lure you in with low prices and promises of a luxury car for cheap. If it sounds too good to be true, use your good judgment to determine whether or not the person is actually lying to you. Sure, you could be spending under $50 at the front desk, but what’s your final statement going to look like after all the charges? And, since you signed the contract already, there’s no opting out. Be mindful of what you’re getting yourself into. Remember, many of these companies are in it to make money out of you. What may sound like a good deal to you could potentially be a scam.

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Ford Ka Unveiled – Fords small car

Well, here it is. Ford has officially revealed its all new Ka. Ford will debut the small car in the Paris Motor Show in October. This car is like a mini version of the Fiesta hatch. Is this the car that is told to be Fords small car for India? Lets find out!
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