The Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One (V1) is different from those that are available in the market because it uses multiple detectors; one front facing and the other rear facing. With its excellent laser reception you will know exactly what direction the radar is coming from. If you own an older model you can upgrade with the latest technology with an upgrade fee.

The unit has an incredible detection which amazes passengers. It is capable of detecting multiple sources and directions. It will tell you when you pass the signal. It displays “Junk” with a “J” to assist you and comes with three sensitivity settings. You can hardwire the unit and it comes with a longer cord to accommodate that. It has variable volume control and mute capability. You can mount the unit to your glass or discretely under the steering arm. Lighting is not overly bright in the night time.

Lasers are not permitted in some states. Check before you buy. The boxy look of the unit may discourage customers; however, it allows the unit to be upgraded at a lower cost when new technology is available without having to buy a new one.

The V1 is available at Amazon for $499.99 with free shipping.

Review of PP Exclusive Mercedes Benz SL R230

PP exclusive mercedes benz SL R230Low-hanging, wide and loud, this is the Mercedes Benz SL R230 in the interpretation of PP Exclusive. Mercedes Benz SL R230 has a new 20-inch wheels Majestic, which is mounted on Dunlop tires in size 255/30R20 front and 305/25R20 in the rear. To accommodate them, the tuner has widened wheel arches – front by 25 mm and the rear by 55 mm. The suspension was supplemented with an electronic lowering module that allows the vehicle to 100 mm. The module starts with switches located on the steering wheel. Experts from Baden-Württemberg also exchanged on the standard exhaust system made of stainless steel exhaust pipes tipped four, oval tips.

Mercedes Benz SL R230 has interior Inside the white leather seats finished in nappa leather with black stitching, also used white decorative detail and a black headlining. The steering wheel now has a flat bottom and is finished in black Alcantara and white lacquer.