The Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula One Grand Prix schedule includes 20 races from Australian Grand Prix on March 18, 2012 to Brazilian Grand Prix on November 25, 2012. The Bahrain Grand Prix, the fifth race on the schedule, was held on April 22, 2012 and won by Sebastian Vettel sponsored by Red Bull.

This year’s Bahrain Formula One was involved with lots of controversy mainly outside the arena. Prior to the race, Bahrainis took to the street. Pro-democracy group in the country is in a battle with the regime for more participation in the government. The minority Sunni King, Hamad bin Isa AI-Khalifa’s regime was determined to conduct the race despite continued opposition and demonstration by the pro-democracy group. Uprising in Bahrain is an extension of what is known as “Arab Spring” which started in spring of 2011 in many parts of the Middle East.

Drivers expressed mixed reaction to the race as well as what happened outside the arena. Some were glad they didn’t attend the race at all. Most of the drivers were quiet and may decide not to attend future races in Bahrain if uprising continues. Grand Prix winner Vettel leads the leader board at this time.

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