The endless versions of new BMW 320i

The EPA estimated 23 mpg city, 36 mpg highway and 27 combined mpg, the new 320i comes with an affordable starting price tag of $32,750. Not a bad bargain price before adding options for a performer from famed BMW. Adding luxury wood trim, navigation, backup camera, moon roof, heated seat, and power seats will cost you more. The sports package will cost you $1,300 for 18-inch alloy wheels, sport suspension and sport seats. Metallic red paint will cost you additional $550 and all carry $925 destination charges. But it is still within the price range of fully loaded 180 horsepower Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. The famed 3 series comes with more than 20 models to cater to any car enthusiast.

What you get for the price is smooth shifting and handling and utmost precision that BMW is known for. It still delivers power when you need and many competitors still chase after it. Even with much more horsepower, wannabes try to compete with dress down basic version of 320i. Four-wheel disc brakes and easy glide shifting will help you to fulfill a safe drive. Overall, the new 320i will give you the benefit of decades of engineering achievement that BMW is known to offer.

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