Be aware of toll roads when you rent a car

Have you driven on a toll road lately? More than 75 percent of toll roads have cash free lanes. Sometimes it is even harder to find a toll booth on a toll road. Many are using electronic transponders. If you are living in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and some parts of California you may have noticed that these states removed toll booths altogether. Toll road operators argue that it increase the efficiency and flow of traffic. What will happen if you are unaware of toll roads and new to the area or driving a rented car?

Rental car companies either require you to pay a flat fee to cover tolls or charge an administrative fee to forward correspondence for any unpaid tolls to you. Either way it is going to cost you more than you think. An unpaid $5 toll could cost you over $60. These outrageous fees resulted in complaints to Attorney Generals in many states and law suits against rental car agencies. In 2013, Hertz agreed to pay $11 million to settle a class action law suit where customers were charged a daily fee regardless they drove through toll roads or not.

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