Subaru Hybrid Tourer looks ready to take flight

Subaru has been renowned for its performance and power and it does not seem to compromise on it when it comes to adding a green automobile to its fleet. The Hybrid Tourer Concept will debut at the Tokyo motor show in October. The car will feature a horizontally opposed 2-litre engine boasting a turbo charger and direct injection. This gasoline engine sends power to the front wheels when necessary and a Lineartronic CVT transmission is used to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

The car also has a 10kW electric motor mated to the gasoline engine and produces power when needed as well as a generator that charges the batteries. A second electric motor generating 20kW is mounted on the rear axle providing power to the rear wheels under low speed driving conditions and when maximum power is required. The Subaru team has incorporated gull-wing doors for the front and rear passengers providing a sporty feel to the car. The front dashboard can be moved up and down providing the driver with a perfect view ahead. The floor of the car has also been kept flat since a driveshaft is not required to connect the front and rear mounted engines. The Subaru team has also gone the extra mile to give consumers a futuristic exterior design making the car more desirable than some of the other hybrids available in the market.

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