CarPlay and Android Auto App Development

In the next few years, most automobiles manufactured for the American market will be equipped with Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto, the two new standards of automotive smartphone integration.

Industry analysts believe that a day will come when car buyers will be able to choose which of the two standards they want in their new vehicles. What this means for car-obsessed markets such as Southern California is a major opportunity for app development in Los Angeles.

From now until the year 2025, programmers dedicated to mobile application development Los Angeles should expect to be in high demand. In 2016, less than a hundred apps had been developed for Android Auto, and a similar situation could be observed for the Apple CarPlay standard. As automakers install more of these tech standards in the dashboard hardware of their new vehicles, the number of apps is bound to increase.

Gradually, major brands are becoming interested in the potential of being able to reach their audiences and customers through their in-vehicle console system. Unlike coding apps for smartphones and tablets, auto app development is more restrictive and specialized. In essence, the options are limited to the specific APIs installed in the in-dash consoles, which in turn provide the adequate user interface.

Let’s say a major sports franchise such as the Clippers would like to have an Apple CarPlay app developed to deliver audio news and game broadcasts; the team would have to hire an iPhone app development company Los Angeles for this purpose.
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