How PVD Coating Systems Work

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Summary: PVD has changed much of the landscape of 21st century manufacturing.

Manufacturing with a PVD system has allowed producers to build durable products out of cheap materials. PVD stands for “plasma vapor distribution” and it’s an important advancement in manufacturing. Products produced with this method often exhibit properties that would otherwise be impossible.

Step By Step

A PVD system begins by super heating materials until they break down into particulates. Special materials, like aluminum, are loaded into a vacuum chamber and heated. As the heat rises, the material melts. This is intense heat, not normally suited for items made of plastics or weaker materials. That’s why PVD works. It allows the substrate, the piece that the coating is applied to, to receive the coating of particles bouncing off the walls of the chamber without getting damaged. The chamber is cooled once the material is broken down, then the substrate is added and the materials settle.


Thin film vacuum coating is usually used to coat materials in something more durable. For example, plastic screws can receive a metal coating to metalize them and make them more durable. This process is also used in the design and manufacture of NASCAR parts, which are sometimes little more than metalized plastic pieces. The high performance nature of these engines leads to many replacements, so PVD coating makes manufacture more cost-efficient.

Final Thoughts

PVD equipment coating has made manufacturing a lot more affordable. Cheaper materials can now be coated in more durable materials, or given different properties thanks to advanced techniques.

Beware of zero percent car loan financing

It is summer and car dealers in full force to sell you a car. One of the enticing aspect is many car dealers as well as brands are offering zero percent financing. Before you sign on the dotted line for one of those loans consider these common features of zero percent car loans.

  • Many come with shorter terms of 24 to 36 months instead of more common 60 month loans.
  • Not everyone can qualify for zero interest loans. They may be available only to those with higher FICO scores.
  • Look for hidden pre-payment penalties and application and other fees.
  • The deal may be only applicable to certain model cars not the one you are interested in or the color you want. Do not get pushed by the dealer to buy a different car than what you are interested in.
  • If the dealer offers cash rebate, compare the zero percent financing to cash rebate. You may find that rebate is better with your total cost at the end of the term being lower than the zero percent interest loans.
  • Shop around. There may be better deal with other auto financing opportunities compared to your dealer financing. This works better for those who are with lower FICO scores.

Proven strategies to pay-off your auto loan faster

Among other things, your FICO score influence the interest rate you have to pay on an auto loan. Without giving much thought to interest rate, we obtain auto loans at higher interest rates due to many factors and only time that we realize the importance of the high interest rate is when it comes to making the monthly payment. If you are faced with this, there are few options to get out of a high interest rate auto loan.water trampolines australia

Try and refinance your auto loan: Many credit unions offer favorable and affordable auto loan refinance interest rates. Key here is not to extend the term (payment period) of the loan but to lower the interest rate. Extending the term to lower the monthly payment will cost you more at the end.

Pay an extra payment(s) if possible: This helps to pay-off your auto loan few months early and save on interest. One easy strategy is to add few extra dollars to each monthly payment or to round-up your monthly payment. If you get a bonus or some other windfall, consider making an extra payment.

Whatever the strategy you use, do not miss any payments. That can lead to an interest rate hike costing you more money.