Optical Coating Systems Explained

A vacuum evaporation system helps simplify the manufacturing process, creating high quality materials cheaply. With sputtering, we can metalize a plastic object or add important properties to existing materials. Read on for an explanation of how optical coating works, and where you might find it used.

Optical Coating Types

Optics refer to lenses. These optics can be a part of glasses, lights or cameras. There are three types of coding aside from colored gels: glare resistant coating cuts down on the sunlight reflected from the surface of the lens. This is most useful for eye glasses. High reflection coatings are useful for objects like magic mirrors, which use a highly reflective surface with a transparent background to create a one-way effect. There is also the extreme UV coating, which makes it difficult to focus light and may dampen some of the heat that gets through the surface.


Sputter deposition is used to place a coating onto the substrate. Without sputtering, the lens could get damaged from the extreme heat necessary to melt the substrate. Even if the substrate were broken down and poured onto the substrate, the end result would not be microscopic.

Other Uses

We see optical coating frequently in home improvement situations. UV coating can dampen some of the sunlight a window receives, or it can be used to coat a cell on a solar panel with material that absorbs sunlight. We also use this coating to make sun glasses UV resistant, or to add glare resistance to a pair of eye glasses.

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Getting comfortable in the RV

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

Most families and quite a number of friends love to travel on the open road. A road trip can be an exhilarating and wonderful experience especially when you drive you scenic roads such as those in Big Sur, the Pocono Mountains, or a whole lot of other places that are definitely worth visiting over and over again. If you’re using an RV, this allows you to keep going to wherever destination you want without having to take so many stops. All you guys need to do is take frequent turns behind the wheel and you’re golden. But when talking about comfort, you’ll find that RV mattresses are quite ingenious, they fit perfectly behind a wall so you can hide it if nobody’s using it to save space. These are standardized sizes so you don’t need to have custom foam cushions for your RV unless you really want to have one. Your RV has everything you need to stay comfortable while out on the road. You have couches, beds and you even have a functioning kitchen and restroom too. This is everything you need to be able to keep going as well as to stay comfortable whenever you decide to go camping in the outdoors by a lake or in a forest. You need to dispel the thought that since you’re staying in a vehicle, things would get cramped and uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it all depends on the mattress and cushions that you select. Don’t settle for the cheap and thin ones.


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Changing tires in your car made easy

Written by Toolsmith Direct

If you’re quite the avid fan of automobiles, there’s a pretty huge chance that you’re going to be changing your rims quite a lot. And if you find it quite tedious and tiresome to be heading to the shop an awful lot whenever you want to change your rims or tires, you might as well have your own Powerbuilt jack, Jack stand lug wrenches, and a whole lot of other tools that will make changing tires in your home as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Instead of having to pay a few dollars every time you get your tires changed, you can instead do this in the comfort of your own garage for free. These things aren’t as expensive as you would think, and you are definitely going to have quite an amount of fun doing it too. If you’re fascinated of machines and how they work, you are absolutely going to love how these things work. Jacks, for one, are quite amazing machines. It’s basically a hydraulic press that allows you to lift heavy objects with ease and relative comfort. If you don’t have these basic items in your home, you’ll find that changing tires would nearly be impossible. Power tools and electric-powered machines will take care of most of the physical aspect of changing tires. From taking out lug nuts to putting them back on, you’re going to be breaking out a sweat, or a bucket or two if you’re planning on changing all your tires with basic tools.


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