Ford Focus rules the world

The automotive data collector, R.L. Polk, reports that Ford Motor sold more than 1.02 million Ford Focus vehicles in 2012 making it the bestselling car. The famous Toyota Corolla came in second recording 872,774 vehicles sold in 2012 and contests the method used by the research firm and stating that they sold more than 1.6 vehicles. Other top sellers include Ford F-series pickup, Wuling Zhiguang minivan and the Toyota Camry. This is the first time that Ford had a bestseller. Ford Focus is more popular in China which has become the world’s fastest growing car market. Ford Focus sales in China grew more than 51 percent last year.

The Ford Focus 2013 is top of most reviews due to its fuel economy and cargo space. It comes with 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The base model with automatic transmission delivers 27/38 mpg city/highway. More fuel economy models are doing even better delivering 28/40 mpg city/highway. It provides a quieter smooth highway ride with good handling. But the interior technical and turning radius of the car have been disappointing some customers. Many find Ford Sync and MyFord Touch difficult to use. But the Interior contains quality materials with front seats being more comfortable.

The used car sales giant CarMax still growing

In March 2013 alone Americans bought 1.45 million light vehicles. According to Barron’s Magazine, the U.S. car sales stands at 15.2 million a year, not that far behind record sales but recovering steadily. Record new car sales is a precursor to a record used car sales that will follow soon. The auto industry’s last boom was 2001 to 2006.

The largest used car dealer in the U.S. is CarMax. CarMax opened its first store in Richmond, Virginia in September, 1993 by executives of Circuit City. The first store was about 1.7 miles away from the Circuit City cooperate office. Today it operates 118 stores all throughout the United States. In its 2014 fiscal year it planned to open 13 new stores including in Philadelphia and St. Louis. CarMax annual sales stands at $12.1 billion a year by selling used cars. CarMax currently sells approximately four million used cars a year. Its stock of used cars mostly comprised of one to four years old vehicles. CarMax is listed in Fortune 500 as one of the best companies. CarMax is named as “Americas most admired company in automotive retailing” and Fortune’s “100 best companies to work for.”