Meguiar’s Complete Car care Kit

Here comes a complete kit that includes 16 oz. wash and shampoo, 16 oz. liquid wax, 16 oz. high gloss gel, quick detailer, 16 oz. interior quick detailer, Clam shell clay, two clay bars, clay kit instructions, plastic restorer (PlastX), scratch remover (ScratchX), microfiber towel, form applicator pad, and a micro fiber wash mitt. All these cost only $40.00 with free shipping at

Over the years, I tried just about everything that is out in the market. It amazed me to see a complete kit for exterior and interior from Meguiar. Products for the exterior shine follows an easy sequence from wash, clean, and repair to wax, polish and shine your vehicle and get rid of scratches. Simply spray interior cleaner on to your towel and wipe off the interior for a clean bold look. Its Endurance tire cleaner and the plastic polish are also work wonders. Make sure to read directions carefully and use the products in the suggested order. Use clean towels that come with the kit for each task. For tires, you can use a clean towel along with the product to get rid of oil and shine your wheels. You will be shocked to see the final result.

The Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One (V1) is different from those that are available in the market because it uses multiple detectors; one front facing and the other rear facing. With its excellent laser reception you will know exactly what direction the radar is coming from. If you own an older model you can upgrade with the latest technology with an upgrade fee.

The unit has an incredible detection which amazes passengers. It is capable of detecting multiple sources and directions. It will tell you when you pass the signal. It displays “Junk” with a “J” to assist you and comes with three sensitivity settings. You can hardwire the unit and it comes with a longer cord to accommodate that. It has variable volume control and mute capability. You can mount the unit to your glass or discretely under the steering arm. Lighting is not overly bright in the night time.

Lasers are not permitted in some states. Check before you buy. The boxy look of the unit may discourage customers; however, it allows the unit to be upgraded at a lower cost when new technology is available without having to buy a new one.

The V1 is available at Amazon for $499.99 with free shipping.

What to Look for in a Car Transport Company

Whether you are transporting your vehicle Locally or internationally, you want to be sure to have A1AutoTransport  service that will treat your vehicle with the care it deserves, and delivery it to its destination safely, and do so at an affordable price. Its best to look for a company that has been involved in auto shipping long enough to have developed a track record of reliability, so that you know you are entrusting your vehicle to movers with the experience and skill to complete the job.

A really good  auto transport company will be able to offer you services like free online quotes on shipping your vehicle, and experience moving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV’s, or any other kind of vehicle. They should be able to offer both open and enclosed shipping, international transportation, GPS tracking on all of their carriers, and door to door pick up and delivery of your vehicle. You should expect to receive value for the cost of shipping, and trust that your vehicle will be delivered intact , and in a on time, whether you are sending it across the country or around the world.

Special services like the ones mentioned above are something you should expect from a good company, but your paramount concern when arranging car transport,  or the transport of any type of vehicle, is safety. The company you select should have a reputation for safety and reliability with its clients, and you should verify this before trusting your vehicle to them.