Do Not Overlook Japanese Used Cars

If you are in the market for a new automobile, do not ignore Japanese used cars.  Most new car dealers have a lot for cars that were traded in on newer models. They do not have to be the same make as the dealership; most times they are not. You can go to a Ford dealer and find a nice used Toyota. In many cases, you will get a better deal on a make that is not their own. Often they just want to get rid of them as fast as they can.

It would not hurt to go to a dealer that has new Japanese cars either. It might be a good idea to see what they have to offer in their newer models. Knowing how obsolete an older model is will give you an idea of its worth. What is new and cutting edge in one make, might be old news to another make. Just because a used car does not have a media center does not mean that it is an outdated model.

Another way to buy a foreign car is with Japanese used car exporters. They will ship the car to you in the United States for an added fee. The price of the car in Japan could be much less that what it would be here. You may be able to get a car model that has not been released here yet too. Be sure you are dealing with a legitimate company that has the proper licensing to export something to the U.S.