Do Not Overlook Japanese Used Cars

If you are in the market for a new automobile, do not ignore Japanese used cars.  Most new car dealers have a lot for cars that were traded in on newer models. They do not have to be the same make as the dealership; most times they are not. You can go to a Ford dealer and find a nice used Toyota. In many cases, you will get a better deal on a make that is not their own. Often they just want to get rid of them as fast as they can.

It would not hurt to go to a dealer that has new Japanese cars either. It might be a good idea to see what they have to offer in their newer models. Knowing how obsolete an older model is will give you an idea of its worth. What is new and cutting edge in one make, might be old news to another make. Just because a used car does not have a media center does not mean that it is an outdated model.

Another way to buy a foreign car is with Japanese used car exporters. They will ship the car to you in the United States for an added fee. The price of the car in Japan could be much less that what it would be here. You may be able to get a car model that has not been released here yet too. Be sure you are dealing with a legitimate company that has the proper licensing to export something to the U.S.

Honda CR-Z Attempts to Redefine Hybrid Vehicle Styling reports that Honda is trying to push the limits of what a hybrid vehicle can be. The company’s new CR-Z is a sporty two-seater on August 24 for less than $20,000, creating a potentially attractive option for new car buyers looking for a fun and sporty hybrid alternative without breaking the bank.

Honda has been able to keep the costs down on the CR-Z by integrating the engine and the bulk of the Integrated Motor Assist system from its Insight hybrid hatchback. The car is available with either a six-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission option.

The performance has been enhanced with several featured. Honda made the car as light as possible by reducing weight in various areas, including the 16-inch wheels and forged aluminum front suspension parts. Drivers can also toggle between a “sport” and “eco” mode to increase power or fuel efficiency.

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90 Percent of Nissan Leaf Reservations are Conquest Orders

The pre-order numbers for the new all-electric Nissan Volt suggest that the next-generation vehicle is exciting people who aren’t normally Nissan buyers. Automotive News reports that Nissan has received more than 14,000 reservations from individual customers for the Leaf, and that 90 percent of these orders were so-called “conquest” orders from people who weren’t already Nissan owners.

Of course, that might not translate to 14,000 sales for the car. In order to “reserve” their Leaf, people simply needed to pay a $99 fee and register online. The fee is refundable for any reason, including if the charging station can’t be installed in a person’s home or if they simply decide that they don’t want it. Part of the challenge that Nissan will face when the car launches in select markets in December is making sure that customers who paid their $99 decide to go through with a sale.

Nissan also stated that a key element of the advertising campaign for the Leaf will revolve around the car’s lack of an exhaust pipe – highlight how environmentally friendly the car is.

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